Who We Are

We are one Of The Largest Pharmaceutical Distribution Group in India. Our Commitment to deliver all our products under an exacting TAT (Turn Around Time) has made us adapt to cutting edge technology and build and enable a team which has shown an empathy which is pushing the service levels to dizzying heights
Group Unnati includes four entities - Vardhman Pharma, Focus Medisales, Srinivasa Medisales and Medihauxe Healthcare. Ever since the first day, we have been counted on at every step setting up bench marks for others to follow our suit

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Our only concern was and will continue to be “Total Customer Delight”

Why Group Unnati

The needs and requirements of the customers are given the topmost priority. We are just a call away, place your order and we will be faster than a deadline. We believe a happy customer is the one who doesn’t have to wait. To serve our Customer better we use accurate data and give them best service
➤ Fulfillment of Basket
➤ 25000+ Kms Travelled Per Day
➤ Procuring Product Right from Authorized Source
➤ Total Transparency
➤ Delivery Turnaround Time within 3 Hours
➤ Well Maintained Hygenic Working Environment
➤ Adaptaility of Latest Technology
➤ Catering to Every Corner of Bangalore
➤ Ethical Practices
➤ Authorized Distributors for All Companies
➤ Professionally Driven Organization
➤ ISO Certified
➤ Adhering to Government Laws
➤ Digital Platform for Customers
➤ Last Mile Cold Chain Maintenance
➤ Leadership Identification & Enablement Process
➤ Approx. 18000 SKU at any given Point of Time

Our Network

Our work force, combined with our vast network, allow us to deliver the support you need

Our Network

Our work force, combined with our vast network, allow us to deliver the support you need

Our Recognitions

Our continuous innovation and progression in thought have made us one of the leading pharma distributor in india

Our Suppliers

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