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About Us

To become the most preferred profitable and efficient, co-marketer and distributor In India of Pharmaceutical products.
Dedicated to Nurturing partnerships in Healthcare while delivering the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time, every time.
Mahendra has always believed that leading from the front is the best way to build consistent and measurable quality in all that they do. Read More

About Us

Our Commitment to deliver all our products under an exacting TAT (Turn Around Time) has made us adapt to cutting edge technology and build and enable a team which has shown an empathy which is pushing the service levels to dizzying heights. Read more


It is a rare breed which in the face of personal monumental risk, puts ahead the needs of humanity and business. The recent pandemic (COVID 19) did not in any way dampen the commitment of our biggest asset, our people, to fulfill Our commitment to our customers. Even with a depleted staff and governmental restrictions, we were fulfilling the medicine requirements of 18000 pharmacies in Bangalore every day to meet 85 to 90% fulfillment of 35000+ SKU product range.

At the core of this amazing achievement is a simple guiding tenet which is enshrined in our logo “Touching you…Everyday”

Since 32 years, our promoters have had in mind that as distributors and co-marketers they have a very pivotal role to play in the wellness and health of humanity and there can be little scope for any errors. They believed they were doing the service of the Supreme by helping in the alleviation of Human suffering by delivering the magical benefits of modern medicine.

Strive Constantly to serve the welfare of the world - ( Strive Constantly to serve the welfare of the World – Bhagvad Gita 3.10-26 )

The four enterprises

offer a large range of pharmaceutical formulations which encompass both chronic care and acute care with wellness products making us become a one stop for most retailers, hospitals and corporate institutions.

Our commitment of a TAT of 3 to 5 hours in most cases and order fulfillment rate of 85 to 90% makes us a preferred vendor in most situations. Our last mile visibility of accurate batch and cold chain maintenance makes us a reliable and effective partner for redistribution in Pharma products in India.

Our continuous innovation and progression in thought have made us invest in infrastructure (68100 sft WH, 160 delivery routes, 8000 customer points, online order systems etc ) which makes us ready to grow rapidly and bring the healing touch of medicine to the deserving quickly and efficiently.

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